The #dailyselfreflection Galleries

The “Gallery” pages comprise a series of digital works produced over a one year period as an exploration of presentations of the self through social media. They include digitally generated ‘paintings’ and ‘drawings’ as well as digitally manipulated original photographic works. The majority were produced using iPhone and iPad apps.

How did it all come about?

About two years ago, the moment I had long awaited finally arrived: I discovered the first sophisticated iPhone painting app, Brushes. For some time I had been painting and drawing on the computer, and attempts to go out and sketch on location with a laptop and graphics tablet were somewhat frustrating. The explosion of iPhone apps changed all that. I found myself using it everywhere and at every opportunity.

The only problem was how to show the work. Uploading images onto my website was possible, but it missed the point of the spontaneity of the instant mobile digital sketch. Then I realised through Twitter I could  disseminate the sketches the moment they were complete. A few weeks later, I was idly flicking through old work, and re-discovered some photos of an old series of daily self-portraits I had drawn on a studio wall scheduled for demolition. The discovery re-ignited a spark. That day, I sat down and drew my image as reflected in the blank screen of the iPad. #adailyselfreflection was born.

For a more critical analysis of the project, you can read my blog on Artists Talking

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