Holiday studio


Here’s an all time first.

I’ve been staying the last fortnight with friends in their Indian Ocean paradise. As usual, I packed enough sketching gear to meet the needs of an entire art class, but more unusually, I packed my old oil paint travelling plein air case because I was in highly productive mode before I came away, putting in 12 hour studio days, and I couldn’t afford to lose momentum with a show coming up in October.

Part of me thought I probably wouldn’t do much, but much to my surprise, I’ve managed a few hours studio work every day thanks to an amazing little desk area adjacent to the bedroom I could call my own for the duration.

So I’ve had fun playing around with and progressing a new mixed media technique I’d developed just before going away and I even had a crazy mono printing session yesterday using a paper palette as the paint surface.

A triumph of will over sun-induced lethargy.


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