#dailyfail #29


A day of complete and utter frustration and pointless activity which all had to be abandoned at 6.30pm.

Lessons learned?

There is NO substitute for making. All the visualization and diagrams and notes in the world are useless without making.

But an elegant solution was eventually found, even if it is some way away from the original plan. And that’s exactly as it should be, I suppose.


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  1. This is all so true and I guess that’s why so many simulations fail in real situations and emergencies …. Also I now think just making is faster … after years as an inveterate planner. Or at least only plan very short term elements. That’s how it is with painting I find. If I just stay a few marks etc ahead in my head, it allows more space for my heart and intuition. I have everything crossed for you for tomorrow … The last day of this project? Sleep and dream.

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