#dailyfail #13


A reflective weekend. In pursuit of Slowness. 24 hours away from all online activity, allowing focussed concentrated reading and note making on real paper in real books.

In this way, the sketchbook journal resumes its status as a focus for all ideas development in my life. This is how it should be. The book I can’t leave home without. The reflection of me and who I am.

And it’s freezing cold everywhere today and I can’t get warm even close up to the fire. So I use some nasty old cheap pastels in poor light to draw some abstract reflections on the fire and since I cannot see what I’m doing I produce a mess which I decide to slosh turps onto. More of a mess.

But at least I’ve forgotten about being cold.


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  1. Several friends and I liking your approach … that thread of thinking and looking ….. the pursuit of slowness. We are all about to mono print for an hour or so …. gaining courage we hope as we warm to it …. Continue please. Hope you don’t mind the interactions

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