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The Social Media Stretch

The Social Media Stretch

How far is it possible to reach?



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    • I had used Photoshop extensively for drawing and “painting” before the mobile apps appeared, (in fact I even remember using a Pocket PC about 5 years ago for doing little sketches on a very primitive system!) so I was thrilled with Brushes, which was the first really clever app of this sort to come along. I don’t know how it would have been to use if i had not been used to digital technology, though. I can remember being really pleased i could make the marks directly with my finger rather than on a graphics pad some distance away from the screen, and since i have never been patient enough to do very detailed stuff on it, this hasn’t bothered me. Quite honestly, it seemed the answer to my dreams: a digital sketch book, so much so i almost went on holiday without conventional paper. Almost. Keep persevering, and the secret is not to try and replicate what you would do in a sketchbook, but play along with what it can do and just see what happens!

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