#adailyselfreflection about institutional space #followart #draw361 #ipaddrawings

I had space and planes on my mind when I did this but I find this imagined scene set in an old school building I visit weekly somewhat bleak and isolated. The exact opposite, in fact, of daily life.


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  1. My untutored eye is always drawn in by the colours first. I love the purples and pinks; and in this one there is the immediate absence in the foreground, but also a story happening just out of sight.

    • I don’t think any one really has an untutored eye; the challenge is more articulating the response, and I absolutely identify with your response, since it was certainly something i wanted to convey; space between the viewer and the subject, and successive planes receding towards the possible narrative in play.

    • space, planes, the hidden narrative is something which i find fascinating. Once I’d done this, i was interested by the suprising intimacy despite the bleak interior. this may be why you have a sense of Vuillard?

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